OpenAI Whispervoice Keyboard

Hey everyone! We’re Kai and Lorenzo (collectively Kaizo and Co) and we wanted to share with you our latest project: the OpenAI Whisper Voice Keyboard! (We’ve mostly stood on the shoulders of others to make this.)

We just have a running list of cool projects to do, and we came across Open AI’s Whisper Speech Recognition Model(s). There are a bunch of weights, so this current version (as of 2023-03-12) only uses the tiny English-only model, since we were trying to keep it lightweight and fast. This is all possible because OpenAI made the model – we certainly didn’t train it – and MichaelMcCulloch created a base project that instantiated the model, made a keyboard in Android, and dumped out the text.

And then we tinkered. Kai added some settings and some multithreading. Also, a count-up timer. The original wouldn’t handle more than 30 seconds of audio because OpenAI’s Whisper Model prefers 30 second chunks of audio or smaller.

This project was a great learning experience for us. We had never written an Android app before. (I know this scandalous, given that Lorenzo ran a mobile app development company, but no, he was iPhone/iOS only! He supervised Android teams, but there was no way he was going to soil himself with Android “Activities” without a compelling reason, and he found one!) With a weekend to spend well, we dove into the world of machine learning and made something awesome.

You can try our OpenAI Whisper Voice Keyboard for yourself – check it out on the Google Play Store here. (Give it a second! It might not be approved if the date for you is still 2023-03-12…) And if you’d like to contribute to our project, feel free to leave an issue on the GitHub repository here ➡

Also, can OpenAI please, pretty please give us a Cease and Desist order for naming the product with OpenAI in the title? We’d love to be able to say we were (almost) sued by OpenAI. That would be so cool. (We’re not actually trying to make money off this, we just want to be able to say we were sued by OpenAI. We’re not even sure if that’s possible, but we’d love to find out. OpenAI Legal? Are you listening? We’re waiting for your email… impatiently.)