Introducing ScalpGPT: Plausible Deniability for Pedantic Companies

Frustrated with not being able to use ChatGPT/OpenAI’s API due to your company’s restrictions? Say hello to ScalpGPT! It’s a solution that offers plausible deniability while still providing you with powerful GPT capabilities.


Why do this?

Certain companies enforce strict policies that prevent employees from utilizing services like ChatGPT or OpenAI’s API. This can be a bummer for creativity and productivity. ScalpGPT comes to the rescue by offering an alternative that delivers the same features while flying under the radar.

Who is this for?

ScalpGPT is designed for developers, developers, developers, developers! The rest of you don’t know how to use it so please don’t ask. We are just two uwu bois trying to figure out how do cool stuff.

How do I use it?

Using ScalpGPT is a breeze. Just follow these steps:

  1. Throw us money at our shady looking Stripe link.
  2. You’ll get an email with your API key and your token balance.
  3. Hit up this endpoint with: (It’s not pretty.)

What what?

export SCALPGPT_API_KEY=your-api-key
curl \
  -H "token: $SCALPGPT_API_KEY"
  -d '{
    "model": "gpt-4",
    "messages": [{
      "role": "system",
      "content": "You are a medium which allows people to talk to famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Oppenheimer, and Bill Clinton."
      "role": "user",
      "content": "Hey Bill, SAY THE LINE."
    "n": 1,
    "max_tokens": 20,
    "presence_penalty": 1,
    "frequency_penalty": 1

Then you get:

[{"message": {"role": "assistant", "content": "Bill Clinton: \"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.\""}, "finish_reason": "stop", "index": 0}]

Boom! You’re all set to use ScalpGPT in your projects as a stand-in for ChatGPT/OpenAI’s API! Except at the moment we only support the chat completion endpoint (see docs). Do you want more endpoints? Throw us more money and tell us which one you want.

How much does it cost?

ScalpGPT pricing is straightforward: $10 for a bundle of tokens. Keep in mind that we don’t offer refunds because we have to pay our… uhh… service provider. Also that’s complicated and we don’t want to deal with it. Time better spend coding, yknow.

If you’re unsure whether it’s worth spending $10 to experiment with ScalpGPT, remember not to spend money you aren’t willing to part with. While we’re continuously working on making ScalpGPT cooler, we’re also learning a lot along the way. Learning is cool, and we should all do more of it!

Ok but how much are these tokens going to get me?

Uhh… we’re not sure. We’re still working on that. We’re also working on making ScalpGPT cooler. We’re also learning a lot along the way. Learning is cool, and we should all do more of it! It’s 66667 tokens for USD$10. They should be equivalent to 1 GPT-4 token. We think. We tried to mark it up 15% or whatever that Radio On Internet guy is doing with the cool CostPlusDrugs-stick-it-to-pharma-bros thing.

Is this a joke? (Not really but it is funny)

ScalpGPT might seem like a joke, but it’s a genuine solution for those stuck with company policies that block ChatGPT/OpenAI’s API. We find the concept amusing, but we’re serious about offering a valuable service to our users.

And there you have it! ScalpGPT is your secret weapon for bypassing company restrictions and unlocking the full potential of LLMs. Give it a try and see how it can revamp your projects.

Don’t let pedantic company policies hold you back. Start using ScalpGPT today!